my biggest comfort is my boyfriend ofc!! no matter what mood i'm in, thinking about him always makes me feel better!

he is absolutley everything to me and i love him more than i love moomin! and thats saying a lot!!!

my biggest comfort characters are: miu iruma, edward nygma, and tooticky :-)

i love you tooticky!

speaking of moomin! its my favorite show! i love moomin so much!

i've seen every episode of moomin :-) its my happy show!

i kin snufkin! moomin is my best friend :D

i LOVE thorgy thor and jinkx moonsoon. ive been watching rpdr since season 4 aired!

very very few things make me happier than the things listed above! i also love barbapapa, star trek, homestuck, and reptiles :-)